07 March 2013

09:30 - 16:00

Event: SPDN Meeting

Venue: The George Hotel 19-21 George Street, Edinburgh


  • "Welcome and Introduction"                                                                                                     (Linda Treliving, Chair, Chair of SPDN)
  • "From a Vision to a Reality: Developing a personality disorder day service in                           partnership with service users in the Highlands"                                                                         (Sarah Roy, Specialist Practitioner in Personality Disorder/DBT Therapist, Margaret                         MacKechnie, Margo Neilly & Mags MacDonald, CAS Planning Group Members)
  • “Structuring Treatment and Services for People with Personality Disorder"                              (Timothy Agnew, Consultant Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist, Inverness)
  • “Social and emotional processing in Borderline Personality Disorder ”                                      (James Cusack, Post-Doctorate Research Fellow, Aberdeen University)
  • "Working with personality disorder in forensic settings – them and us? "                                (Jon Patrick, Consultant Psychiatrist & Forensic Psychotherapist, The State Hospital)

06 June 2013

09:30 - 16:00

Event: Aberdeen

Venue: The Copthorne Hotel, 122 Huntly Street, Aberdeen


  • Penny Curtis (Head of Mental Health Unit, Mental Health and Protection of Rights Division, Scottish Government)
  • Jon Patrick (Consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy, Royal Edinburgh Hospital and The State Hospital). Jon will give us a perspective on working with people who have a diagnosis of personality disorder and offend.
  • Angus MacBeth (Clinical Psychologist, NRS Career Research Fellow and Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen). Angus has an interest in mentalization and attachment and is currently co-investigator on a trial of antenatal group psycho education for women with complex health and social needs which he will be describing at the meeting.
  • Dan Warrender (Staff nurse, Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen). Dan will be looking at the challenges during admission to psychiatric hospital for patients with a diagnosis of Borderline personality disorder and staff working with them.

19 Sept. 2013

09:30 - 16:00

Event: Glasgow

Venue: Thistle Hotel Cambridge Street, Glasgow


  • Penny Curtis (Head of Mental Health Unit, Mental health and Protection of Rights Division, Scottish Government)
  • Dr Cathy Cahill (Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, Glasgow)
  • Group of service users from Glasgow talking about their experiences.
  • Professor Andrew Gumley (Professor of Psychological Therapy, Mental Health and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow)
  • Dr Richard Taylor (Specialty doctor in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, NHS Grampian)