Welcome to the Scottish Personality Disorder Network (SPDN) website. Whether you are visiting as a professional, a user, a carer or are just interested in the topic of personality disorder we hope you will find the site useful, and welcome any feedback or contributions.

What is Personality Disorder?

Personality disorder

  • is a diagnosis of a recognized type of mental health problem.
  • is present in 5% of the general population.
  • usually appears in childhood or adolescence.
  • effects the way people think, feel and behave towards themselves.
  • effects the way people think, feel and behave towards others.
  • produces difficulties for the person and those around them.
  • is variously described as having 10-12 different specific types.
  • can occur along with any other mental illnesses.
  • is recognized as an illness that may respond to treatment.

History of the SPDN

The Scottish Executive Mental Health Division commissioned the Centre for Change and Innovation (CCI) to undertake a review of the management and treatment of people with personality disorder in Scotland. This work commenced in November 2004 at a 2 day meeting with a small multidisciplinary group producing a report entitled "Personality Disorder in Scotland: Demanding Patients or Deserving People?"

The report was circulated widely for consultation and on the basis of the 40 responses, strands of work were brought together and presented at a one day conference in Glasgow in September 2005 - "Engaging with Personality Disorders".

On the recommendation of the consultation and final conference in September 2005, The Scottish Personality Disorder Network was commissioned and established by the Mental Health Division of the Scottish Executive . The opportunity to run the project was advertised across the NHS and following interview, NHS Grampian was appointed to host the network with Dr Linda R Treliving Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy in Aberdeen to chair.The Scottish Personality Disorder Network was launched in January 2006 for 2 years in the first instance and currently has funding until 2017.

Our Aims

  • To meet at least three times a year in different locations around Scotland. This is to ensure that interested individuals can access the Network, take part in the sharing and learning and develop the themes.
  • To compose a Network database across Scotland of people from different professional backgrounds and users and carers that might help each other progress the work locally and Nationally.
  • To maintain a dedicated website which will share the work of the Network and also have information e.g.:
    • Updating literature reviews
    • Links to other relevant websites
    • English programme and findings
    • User section
    • Training available
  • To address the initial areas identified from the work done to date and any others that emerge from the work that is subsequently undertaken. Initial objectives to explore in more depth:
    1. Education and training
    2. Research
    3. ICPs
    4. Users
  • To maintain contact with other relevant Networks, particularly the Forensic PD Network and other interest groups to share relevant information and learning.
  • To submit reports to the Mental Health Division after each Network meeting as well as at the end of each year.
  • To make contact with other relevant NHS bodies, such as NHS QIS, NES and NIHME in order to ensure partnership working and endorsement where appropriate.
  • To feed into any relevant work being undertaken by the SEHD that relates to this patient group - policy creation.
  • An evaluation of the Network will be required in order to show what difference is being made and also for continued funding.

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